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    What makes Invade Wall St. better than my current 401k Plan?


    The typical 401k investor is a financial novice. Your employer gives you a list of 20 - 30 mutual funds with powerful names. However, the quality of these funds is mediocre, if not completely worthless.


    How do I know Invade Wall St. can make money for me?


    Simple, you don’t know. You won’t know until you try us out. We suggest you demo, demo, and then demo our services with a practice account until you build confidence in your abilities and ours. Once we have met your expectations then go live and start making real money.


    Why start Invade Wall St. and not a hedge fund if you’re so good?


    Invade Wall St. was started to provide an easy way for our family and friends to become what we like to call “economically sovereign”. Which simply means that they would be financially self-sufficient and not controlled in any way by an outside source such as credit card companies, credit scores, mortgage companies, or any other instrument of destruction.

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FACT: However noble and enlightening our protests may be, we must invariably ask ourselves where the solution is hidden.




FACT: Until a few years ago only the “big boys” could play the currency game. The initial requirement was over $10 million.




FACT: Invade Wall St. will act as a catalyst for your financial growth and start building your risk capital portfolio of $10,000.



Invade Wall St. Movement

permission to prosper has been granted

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Cultivate a Community of Prosperity Seekers

A practical and proven philosophy of success from which anyone can profit.

America has long been seen as a beacon of liberty, as the land of opportunity, and as the country where if you worked hard enough and long enough, you would have your own wealth. From that wealth you would garner social acceptance and be able to improve your situation at the very least for your children, if not directly for yourself.

What is the state of the American Dream today?

  • Men and women who have obeyed the laws and who have lived to their best ability within their own means have been kicked out of their homes at the whim of institutions of power. These men and women have worked diligently for an employer, many of whom have never asked for too much, and most have always sacrificed more than what they were worth.
  • These jobs are your jobs and your promise of a future for your children, and they are being shipped away; off to some country where the labor laws are relaxed and the profit margin is higher and deeper than it could possibly be here in the United States.
  • Men and women with seniority, the people who have dedicated their entire lives to a company, are being laid off indefinitely. Women are paid less than their male counterparts, but they hold the highest percentage of jobs in the current workforce.
  • Good people who have never broken a law, who have never asked for more than what was available to them and who have only wanted the best that they could afford for their families, these are the people that have been screwed by the wealthiest of citizens in this country.
  • Your home and the land on which it rests, the land in which your food is grown and the crops in which scientists promised to use to end world hunger, the building you work in, the White House, Congress, the Senate; all of these things have long since been bought and paid for.
  • The world’s possessions were bought and paid for by greed, fraud, and bloody dollar bills; they were paid for slowly and insidiously.

Where is the dream now?

  • Your dream, your home, and your future are all accounted for in private jets, in bank owned lands and assets, and in taxpayer dollars that fund puppet politicians prancing about Washington, all the while making much ado about nothing.
  • We hear talk in the news about “show votes,” and the hijacking of the democratic system to play chicken with the lives of millions of people.
  • Corporations generally do not care about us; unless you happen to find or start a great one. Wall Street won’t let you in on the inside without good connections and your desperate ability to beg, plead, and take it how it’s ordered.
  • Politicians do little to change the cutthroat financial climate. Politicians care mostly about what their dollars tell them to care about. If the dollars fancy themselves philanthropists, then the politician cares most about our poorest of citizens.

What about those of us who have made the right choices?

  • There are programs to benefit the wealthy in their business ventures; through relaxed taxation, regulation, and undercut deals that undermine the way our society was built to work.
  • There are programs that benefit the poor. Such as programs that help the poor in finding a job, help in paying bills, help with rent, help with buying a car, help with childcare. Our poorest of Americans get all the help we can afford as a country.
  • This is not bad inherently, but when it is paid for by the sweat and toil that comes off the backs of the middle class, who have no tax breaks, no help, no free housing, and no free childcare, there is a seriously skewed image of reality being institutionally manifested.
  • We can also forget about a good educational system. Education, if left up to the owners of the country, would be another expensive way to buffer people from joining their fraternity.


Partner With A Community That Understands


Sign-up for a free account now. Set up your fully-featured social website in a few minutes and give it a try-you’ll quickly see how easy it is to get started. Then start spreading the word.  In fact, we’ll pay you for it via our *50/50 partner program.  We’ll happily support our community members just for spreading the word using your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedln followers.  

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6. Additionally, enjoy our Real-Time Tracking and Reporting!

We provide all the necessary tools and marketing material, and you only need to worry about where your returns will serve the best purposes.

50/50 Partner Program

permission to prosper has been granted

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Recruit your first members

Don’t worry, we’ll help!



  • Now that you’ve created your community, it’s time to start inviting your founding members.
  • You now hold the key to spreading the word about your expertise and passions.  You can now help those in your circle of influence to abandon a mediocre if not downright depressing life and start down an expressway to a dynamic future.
  • Ask your first members for their advice, ideas, and opinions.  Let them feel you’re building a community with them, not for them.  
  • Start small. The size of your community is less important than how active your members are.


  • Set the tone by seeding your site with interesting content.
  • Use the Blog feature to write about the latest news, the new members that have joined, and the most popular discussions. Encourage to explore the investment features of Invade Wall St.  It will set your community on fire with excitement!
  • The world needs more positive and productive voices.
  • Within you lies a power which when properly directed, can lift your friends, family, and community members out of the rat race of mediocrity into a solid foundation of permeate economic freedom.
  • Your world will change overnight within the Invade Wall St. Community.  Use it to unlock the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Grow & Help Capitalize Your Community




  • This country is still great, and its potential is not yet entirely lost. This country was built by the hard work and innovation of some of the greatest and often unknown, men and women of history.
  • This country, you and your future, are worth fighting for. When all things seem lost, that is when you need to put all of your effort into finding a solution to the problem. We need to beat the small percentage of greed-wads that monopolize the system by defying their conventions.
  • We need to learn that as long as we buy into the lies, we feed the liar’s pocket.
  • We need to accept that we can start a company from a small idea. We can have healthy lives without expensive cars and cheap foods. We can invest and trust that we will make a profit.


The role of Invade Wall St.


anonymityMost investment opportunities are just sinkholes for the common man, while being goldmines for the already wealthy.  However, the foreign exchange market, or Forex market, is set apart from the rest of investment trading because of some key features.

To summarize, some of the features that set the Forex market apart include a diverse geographic location, a relatively large trading volume, and the conservative margins of profit and error. These unique features all contribute to what others are calling the ideal investment market.  

The Forex market has a low transaction cost, which means that brokers don’t have a lot of room to rip you off. A low minimum investment means that anyone who earns an honest paycheck can get started. In addition a round-the-clock business day leads to a low margin of market manipulation.

The Forex market has a low transaction cost, which means that brokers don’t have a lot of room to rip you off. A low minimum investment means that anyone who earns an honest paycheck can get started. In addition a round-the-clock business day leads to a low margin of market manipulation.

Even with all these benefits, there is a very steep learning curve for the majority of individuals.

That is where Invade Wall St. steps in.





live trades …


With nearly a decade of learning and practical experience, our team will help guide you through the complexity of the learning curve. We will guide you through the difference between naked charts and messy charts, through price action setups, trading, and much more.

Every step of the way, we make the market clean, simple, and easy to navigate. What’s more, with low transaction costs and other safeguards that keep the market relatively free from mass scale manipulation, you can feel assured that your investment is going to the right places.

Furthermore, our system is built around you. Not only can you begin to make profits quickly with small investments, but coupled with our referral program, you can start building capital with close to nothing. In addition, our revolutionary business model puts the power of raising capital back into your hands; exactly where it belongs.

Once you begin building capital, you can choose to partner with other small and independent businesses to invest in their ideas. Similarly, you can choose to donate funds into programs, businesses, and non-profits in which you know and trust.

The true American Dream is the one in which families who make the right choices, work hard, and who invest well can then live a comfortable and independent life. That is the American dream that will never, ever die. No matter how much the rich frat boys try to take all of our opportunities away from us, we will never lose sight of our American values and ideals.

Invade Wall St. will help you rebuild your dream, in spite of all the closed doors and the voices who live to tell you no. Use your small investment and its returns to open your independent or handcrafted business line, or start a family owned business. Then use the Invade Wall St, interface to meet with other investors, friends, and colleagues. Using our system, you will be able to grow your individual dream with the help of other like-minded individuals.

By investing in the Forex market, you can avoid falling into the trap of believing that you need to fulfill every prescribed role the owners of this country tell you that you need to fulfill; such as working for someone else’s shaky promise of pensions and benefits that they may never be able to afford. Clearly, that road has hit a brick wall.

Take back the reigns of your life, and let us at Invade Wall St. walk beside you on your journey!

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